5 Drone Landing Pads – Protect Your Drone From Dust & Debris

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Drone Landing Pads - builders mixing pad
My Phantom on a cement mixing pad

There are some good drone landing pads available now, but the first one I used was a plastic cement mixing pad used by builders and for DIY. It did the job as a good landing pad as all you need is a firm, flat surface that keeps out the dust and anything else that blows up due to the prop downdraft, but it didn’t have the customisation you see on drone landing pads today and you couldn’t fold it and pack it away.

I could have customised it myself but there seemed little point in spending the time and effort drawing and painting a large black piece of plastic when there was so much else to do. Today’s drone landing pads look the part (although I do wonder why so many have an ‘H’ on them and not a ‘D’).

What is a drone landing pad?

Definition: A drone landing pad is a platform that provides a safe and clean place for drones for takeoffs and landings. It is often used by hobbyists and professionals to prevent damage to the drone from the dust and debris thrown up in the propeller downdraft. The pads are typically made of sturdy materials like plastic or rubber and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As you expand your drone flying, it’s likely you’re going to fly from a variety of surfaces; dry grass, wet grass, gravel or other aggregates, soil, sand, snow etc. Operating a drone from any of these surfaces presents the drone with the risk of contamination from dust and other particles that are best kept out of motors and off moving parts. Even what seems to be a reasonably clean surface like new concrete and tarmac will be covered with particles of dust that you can’t see.

Choosing the best drone landing pad

As you read through the descriptions of each you may notice that they all have what it takes to protect your DJI Phantom or your hobby drone. These key features appear frequently:

  • Double-sided with two eye-catching colours
  • Foldable, waterproof, stain-resistant plastic
  • Four loops for securing pegs
  • Reflective strips

As a result, there’s not much to choose between them so for the best drone landing pad go by the reviews and the ratings. If you buy from a non-UK retailer, check for any additional shipping costs for UK orders.

VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad

The VCUTECH landing pad is is designed and tested to provide the best take-off and landing surface in any environment for RC drones and helicopters. It is made of high-quality waterproof PU PVC material which makes it lightweight and resistant to stains.

It’s another 25×25 inch (65x65cm) that’s simple to fold and transport. The two-sided 2-colour design with a highlighted landing location makes it eye-catching and easy to spot. It comes with a 12-month warranty making it the perfect choice for your next drone purchase or as a gift for the drone enthusiast in your life.

STARTRC Drone Landing Pad

This is another landing pad that is easily folded and transportable. It’s 25×25 inches and has four rings through which it can be fixed to the ground using the four pegs provided. This landing pad is perfect for beginners and professionals alike who frequently fly on windy days.

This one is also made of high-quality waterproof stain-resistant PU PVC material. It’s easy to clean with a splash of water. Another safe spot for your precious DJI Mavic Pro.

Kenobee Drone Landing Pad

This landing pad is designed and tested to provide the best take-off and landing surface in any environment for drones, helicopters, DJI Mavics, Minis, etc. It is made of high-quality waterproof, lightweight, and stain-resistant PU PVC material.

The pad creates a clean and flat surface for smooth takeoff and landing of your drones in any scenario. The 20×20 inch (50x50cm) size is folds easily for transportation. The two-sided 2-colour design (orange & grey) with a highlighting landing location helps you position your drone quickly. The landing pad protects against stones, dust, dirt, or other debris from damaging your drone and blades.

Skyreat Mini 3 Drone Landing Pad

The Skyreat Mini 3 Drone Landing Pad is made of premium PU leather and PVC material, making it both water resistant and easy to clean. It also comes with a waterproof storage bag for easy storage and transport outdoors.

The Mini 3 Pro landing mat folds down to a small portable size and fits into the drone case, while the open design is large enough for drone landing and heavy enough to remain on the ground and doesn’t blow away.

This landing pad is ideal for launching your drone from sand or deep grass, as it helps to prevent dust and debris from entering the motors or the props when landing or launching. Additionally, the sharp contrast of the two colours on the landing pad helps to highlight the location of the drone.

ApexOne Drone Landing Pad

This drone landing pad is made of high-quality nylon material and is weatherproof, perfect for use in different settings such as grasslands, beaches, parks, and more. The diameter of the pad is 55 cm and it folds down to a diameter of 22 cm for easy transportation. Additionally, the luminous side can be used at night and the pegs fix the pad firmly in place on windy days. This landing pad is perfect for use with RC drones, helicopters, and other small drones.

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