A&E-Airworthiness and Evaluation

AAP- Airborne Aperture Photogrammetry

AACUS-Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System

AARGM-Advanced Anti Radiation Guided Missile

AATD-Advanced Aviation Training Device

ABCCC-Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center

ABM-Anti Ballistic Missile

ACAS-Airborne Collision Avoidance System

ACE-Airspace Coordination Element


ACM-Air Combat Maneuvering

ACN-Altitude in Chart Units

ACP-Automated Chart Plotter

ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL – A type of cruise control that uses sensors to automatically adjust vehicle speed to maintain a safe following distance from vehicles ahead. Used in some newer cars.

ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONAL LIGHTS – Lights, usually mounted on the front bumper or fender, that supplement the low beam headlights for improved illumination of the road ahead and to the sides.

ADF-Automatic Direction Finder

ADIZ-Air Defense Identification Zone

AGL-Above Ground Level

AIMP-Airspace Infrastructure Modernization Plan

AIRCRAFT FLIGHT MANUAL – A document, approved by the FAA, that contains procedures, limitations, and performance data for a specific make and model of aircraft.

AIRMET-Airmen’s Meteorological Information

AIRCRAFT CERTIFICATION-The process by which a civil aviation authority determines that an aircraft meets the agency’s standards for airworthiness.

AIRCRAFT REGISTRATION-The process by which an aircraft is registered with a civil aviation authority.

ALERFA-Alert Phase

ALNOT-Alert Notice

ALTIMETER – An instrument that measures and displays altitude above a predetermined pressure setting, usually sea level pressure.

AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR – A device that automatically adjusts interior and/or exterior lighting levels based on the amount of light present in the surrounding area.


ANGS-Air National Guard Station


ANCHOR POINT – The location to which a child safety seat is secured by the vehicle’s Lap/Shoulder Belt or Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system.

ANNUNCIATOR – A panel containing warning lights and/or audible alerts that advise the pilot of conditions that may require action.

ANTI-ICE – A system or material used to prevent ice buildup on aircraft surfaces.

APCH transfers-Approach transfers

APPROACH PLATE – A chart that depicts procedures and other information an aircraft crew needs in order to execute an instrument approach to a runway.

ARFF-Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting


ASR-Approach Surveillance Radar

ATC-Air Traffic Control

ATCT-Air Traffic Control Tower

ATCSCC-Air Traffic Control System Command Center


AWOS-Automated Weather Observation System

AWR-Airport Weather Report

AWW-Alert Windshear

BVLOS: Beyond visual line of sight

CAA: Civil Aviation Authority (UK)

CCD: Charge-coupled device

CFIT: Controlled flight into terrain

COA: Certificate of Authorization

COMSEC: Communications Security

COPTRZ: Commercial Operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

CTR: Class B airspace in the United States that has special rules to protect aircraft from collisions

DAT: Detect and avoid technology

DH: Decision height

DJI: Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

DoA: Department of Aviation (US)

DoD: Department of Defense (US)

DRDO: Defence Research and Development Organisation (India)

EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency

EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility

ETA: Estimated time of arrival

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration (US)

FLIR: Forward looking infrared

FOD: Foreign object damage

FTZ: Flight training zone

GPS: Global Positioning System

GRP: Glass reinforced plastic

HAI: Humanitarian Association of the International Civil Aviation Organization

HF: High frequency

HPRF: High power radiofrequency

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization

ID/IQ: Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity

IFR: Instrument flight rules

IMC: Instrument meteorological conditions

IPU: In-flight piloting unit

IRS: Inertial reference system

ISR: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

ITAR: International Traffic in Arms Regulations

JATO: Jet-assisted take-off

JUAS: Joint Unmanned Aerial Systems Centre of Excellence (UK)

LOS: Line of sight

LPV: Localizer performance with vertical guidance

LZ: Landing zone

MALE: Medium altitude long endurance

MANPADS: Man-portable air defense systems

MATO: Modular airborne firefighting system

MOSS: Military operations in urbanized terrain-suppression of enemy air defenses

MoD: Ministry of Defence (UK)

MOTL: Mean time between failures

MTBF: Mean time between failures

MTOW: Maximum take-off weight

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NDT: Non-destructive testing

NEMs: Nano-, micro- and minielectromechanical systems

NFZ: No-fly zone

NVG: Night vision goggles

OEW: Operating empty weight

OGA: Other government agency

ONR: Office of Naval Research (US)

OPSEC: Operations security

PAE ISR: A division of PAE that provides intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services

PID: Proportional–integral–derivative controller

PMUA: Powered micro unmanned aircraft

PNV: Positive navigation and velocity

POI: Point of interest

PRC: People’s Republic of China

QRA: Quick reaction alert

RCS: Radar cross-section

RF: Radio frequency

RFI: Request for information

RPAS: Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (Europa)

RTB: Return to base

SARH: Semi-active radar homing

SATCOM: Satellite communications

SCADA: Supervisory control and data acquisition

SEAD: Suppression of enemy air defenses

SIGINT: Signals intelligence

SMRUAS: Small military remotely piloted aircraft system

SOAR: Special operations aviation regiments

STOL: Short take-off and landing

SUAV: Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

SWaP: Size, weight and power

TALI: Tactical air launcher for interference

TANSTAAFL: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

TCAS: Traffic collision avoidance system

UAE: United Arab Emirates

UAV: Unmanned aerial vehicle (US) / Unmanned aircraft system (Europa)

UK MoD: UK Ministry of Defence

ULS: Ultralight supervised

UMRUAS: Micro remotely piloted aircraft system

USAF: United States Air Force

UTF: Universal test fixture

UUV: Unmanned underwater vehicle

V2V: Vehicle to vehicle

V2I: Vehicle to infrastructure

VLOS: Visual line of sight

VTOL: Vertical take-off and landing

WMD: Weapons of mass destruction

X/Y coordinate system: A two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system


ZPG: Zero population growth

“You have to be very prudent with what you are doing and what sort of tools you are utilizing. Drones have become a wonderful new tool in filmmaking.” ~ Werner Herzog