Like all aviators, UAV pilots need to consider the weather whenever and wherever they are planning to fly. There are innumerable websites that can offer you a weather forecast and they vary in scale and accuracy.

drone weather forecast

Some can be difficult to understand because of the way the information is displayed, so spend some time finding one or two that you find easy to read and comprehend and which you’ve found to be accurate. It’s no use using a pretty looking site if the forecast is wrong.


There are thousands of books about the weather. Many of them are written from the perspective of any activity e.g. aerospace, sailing, golf etc, but as a UAV pilot you’ll want only the information that relates to the lower levels of the atmosphere, so a book that describes the basics of weather forecasting for general aviation pilots is ideal.

Weather Apps

It’s worth trying various sources for a time and noting their accuracy. As well as looking ahead, look at the actual weather and see if their prediction was correct. For our mobile devices we are currently using the WeatherPro app, and for browser checking we’ve recently spotted WindyTV who provide these excellent graphic displays of the wind, temperature and other factors for display on a website. Experiment with the controls to overlay each type of information and your mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

Live Wind Map


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